Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Updating links..

We'll keep the re-uploads and modpacks on my second blog! All the links have been updated. Now it's no longer a survey, so enjoy downloading.

Montag, 3. Februar 2014

[REL] All my projects/releases/mods - HUGE MODPACK 2014!!!

I only have a limited amount of space to upload. I'll UPLOAD my PROJECTS folder for you guys!
We'll split up the mods, I'll make one download for the airplanes, skins, anims.. etc. In total, I have over 1GB+ sized project folder.

How will you unlock the next downloads? It's simple, keep sharing and downloading, at around 10'000 downloads, I will prepare the next part for you. This would help me a lot and I'd appreciate all your support out there for the last few years.

So here we go!

[PART 1] Airplanes (CLICK HERE)

[PART 2] Waiting for 10'000 + downloads

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Review of all my projects

Just thought it would be cool to go back through all my mods again and explain a few things about them, for those who are interested.

This airplane was like one of my very first reskins.
 and here are some headers and logos that were made by friends.

 ah.. the old United Special Forces of COD5, one of the best unions ever made

 My turkish F16-C, also one of my very first reskins :)

 Here we just pawn sum noobs :P

 and again..

 Here's my F22, I believe I named it the "aggressor", not sure tho.

 Here's some warwolf reskin and a few stunts with my old buddy, Bunny.

 Although the turkish air-force rejected the F22, I just thought I could make up my own verison :P

 Skins.. skins everywhere

 One of my first requests, not one of my best mods tho 

 One of my favorite snapshots ;)
 And the F22-Y type reskin, one of the best reskins I've ever created.

 One of the best standing-animations I've ever designed

 My first crouch-animation :D

More advanced animations were being designed..

I love this picture

Wallcroft... one of the best player I've ever met

my very first own-edited weapon mod, hope you enjoyed it ^^

This Favela reskin is the first one that includes some high quality editing..

This Tacofighter was requested by a good old friend
Sniper prone anim :)

And the end.. I thought I'd had more pictures, but I guess that's it. Thanks for all the support guys, I appreciate that. Take care of yourselves!


Frost // xRx4Life